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      Ron Paul supporters crash the Republican National Convention

      Supporters of Ron Paul lined the streets outside the Republican National Convention.
      It??s supposed to be Mitt Romney??s time to shine, but Ron Paul supporters are doing their best to steal the spotlight.

      Groups of demonstrators are blanketing several street corners in downtown Tampa, not only to show their support of Paul, but to also show their opposition to the Republicans Presidential candidate pick, Mitt Romney.

      Some supporters came from as far as Los Angeles to participate in this week??s demonstrations.

      See RAW video above.

      "I think the purpose of politics is the challenge and contest when you feel that things aren??t going into the right direction, when you feel the right polices aren??t in place," said Ron Paul supporter Joseph Timchenko. ??

      Meantime, on the convention floor, Ron Paul??s delegates are expected to protest the Republican party??s new rules that limit the number of delegates on the convention floor for candidates who lose primaries in future elections.

      Tonight on WLUC, we will have a LIVE report from the Republican National Convention floor.