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      Room and board raised at Michigan Tech

      Michigan Tech's Board of Control meeting commenced on Friday, as board members discussed the past academic and fiscal years and looked ahead to coming years.

      The board approved the proposal to raise room and board and apartment rental rates. University President Glen Mroz says these changes are necessary to keep up with current food costs.

      "As we were looking at the costs, particularly the costs for food this year, I think everybody kind of realizes that that's gone up, and droughts caused some problems all around the world and the same kind of pressures are coming to bear in the food market within the United States," said Mroz.

      Most housing sites on campus will see an increase of $310 per person a year. These changes will be effective beginning the 2013/2014 academic year.

      You can check out the Michigan Tech website for a full rundown of what took place at the Board of Control meeting.