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      Room at the Inn work continues

      Room at the Inn continues to offer emergency shelter, food, and social services to the local homeless population.

      "Well, I never thought I'd be homeless and wondering where you're going to lay your head," said Grant Newby, guest of Room at the Inn.

      Newby had a house, career, and a wife. But that changed after he had an accident at work, leaving him disabled. For the last six years, Newby has been homeless. Room at the Inn has given him a temporary home.

      "This place has given me a lifeline. They treat us with pride and dignity. I just really appreciate it. I'm grateful for what they're doing for me," Newby said.

      Each weekend, Room at the Inn travels to a different Marquette church. They offer emergency shelter, food, social services, and a support system for the homeless to help them get back on their feet.

      "Much of what happens at Room at the Inn is volunteer driven," said Room at the Inn Executive Director, Doug Russell. "We literally have 300 volunteer hours that allow us to operate the shelter each week."

      The shelter operates from September through May. It receives no federal funding and runs solely on donations. It's especially busy right now during the winter season.

      More than a thousand volunteers have worked at Room at the Inn over the past six years. Those volunteers have made a big impact.

      "Those volunteers have given me the confidence to give that extra step to try to make it, where, if there wasn't a program like this, I would probably give up and just crawl in a corner," said Justin Laban, guest of Room at the Inn.

      Guests staying at Room at the Inn know the 15-bed facility won't be their permanent home. It's a hand up to getting their life back on track.

      "I can't wait until I get to hang my first picture at my apartment I plan on getting. My dream is to have a home to call my own again," Newby said.

      If you want to help Room at the Inn, click here.