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      Roundabout intersection?

      Next year, Marquette residents will have to get used to a change in their driving habits.

      The Michigan Department of Transportation hosted a meeting to answer questions and concerns about the future roundabout in Marquette. About 40 people attended the meeting organized by MDOT to explain to citizens the modern roundabout that will connect US-41 and Front Street. While some are concerned the roundabout is not right for Marquette, MDOT believes it's the best option to improve the flow of traffic and safety for motorists. MDOT says the concerns are based on misconceptions.

      "There's a lot of common misconceptions the people have. Some people have had bad experiences with traffic circles or old style rotary, and they will tend to group roundabouts in the same category even though they're quite different. Also, sometimes people have misconceptions that roundabouts will back up traffic or will cause safety problems, and in reality the opposite is true," said MDOT Planning Manager, Wes Butch. Construction will begin in May of 2010 and should last until August.