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      Rounds going off

      A huge bang goes off, and orange pieces scatter from the air. That's what you will find at the 13th Annual Side by Side Classic. This year it's a bit different. It's a four-day event.

      Paul Rotter, president of the Sagola Sportsmen Club, says you can shoot as many rounds as you want. The highest score you get will be tallied for your total.

      "We don't have a specific timetable and we don't have assigned groups. You can meet up with many different groups and shoot with a lot of different groups out here. You can shoot with four other gentlemen," said Rotter.

      There are three shooting events. First is the Pigeon Ring where once you shoot the target, it must fall in the circle to count.

      Wayne Steas says it's the most difficult.

      "You have to concentrate a little more on it. You have to be totally focused with the target a bit more than the other events. It does take a lot of concentration; you have to tune the distractions out," said Steas.

      The most challenging event is the Flurry. You have to shoot at least 75 targets within 2 1/2 minutes. It tests your ability to reload and shoot. And finally the Sporting Clays with 10 different set ups and five targets on each one.

      Daryl Corona says the best part is getting to meet new people. "The whole thing about this shooting event is not so much the shooting, that's fun. It's the guys and hanging out, you know," said Corona.

      More than a hundred shooters participated for $325. They hope to raise at least $10,000 to continue funding the club.ã??