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      Rower continues despite assault

      A Chicago woman says she'll continue her boat trip around Lake Michigan, despite being sexually assaulted. The incident happened during an overnight stop in Schoolcraft County near Gulliver. Jenn Gibbons is rowing around the lake to raise money to help breast cancer survivors. She was about five weeks into her journey when she says she was attacked while asleep in her boat.

      Police have released a composite sketch of the attacker who may have been driving a yellow Jeep Wrangler with a smiley face tire cover. Gibbons said in a phone interview, it was one terrible experience among many good ones.

      "Anyone who can help, we want them to speak up, and the biggest thing that we have right now is being able to reach out, so I thought it was important to share my story because we really do need help. It's just one really awful thing that happened, but you know, I can name a million other wonderful people that I've met along the way," said Gibbons.

      In addition to the attack, Gibbons' grandmother passed away while she was away. During the interview, she said life is a gift, even when it's scary and unfair. Police are still looking for the suspect.