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      Rowing club encounters rough waters trying to build

      In March, Marquette's City Commission gave the go ahead for a new building along the city's lakeshore.

      the Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club started planning for a $600,000 permanent building.

      "We wanted to have a spot that would be accessible for all people who wanted to use human power water crafts" says Debra Cook of U.P.C.R.C.

      The Marquette Citizens for City Lakeshore, say the proposal goes against the waterfront recreation conservation zoning ordinance, that there should be no more building on the waterfront.

      "Our city values our lakeshore and wants to preserve it and we are hearing that loud and clear" adds Rita Hodgins of MCCL.

      Each group has opinions on what Marquette's lake shore should look like in the future.

      The U.P.C.R.C has rented a building from the city along the lake. Now they want a permanent building on the lake front.

      Cook says the rowing club presented their plan several times at city commission meetings with no opposition.

      Hodgins, who is an avid rower, says she's not opposed to the group, but it's the building she says that serves a private group and not the community.

      "This is not a boat house. This is a clubhouse. This is a 5,400 foot building" says Hodgins.

      The U.P.C.R.C. says that they plan to fully finance and maintain the project, and there will be no building on top of the land.

      NMU rowing team member, Dani Thonue says the building will give them the needed convenience they now lack.

      The rowing club insists the building will be responsibly accessible to anyone who wants to use it.

      Those who still oppose the idea, the Marquette citizens for city lakeshore has started a petition and have already collected dozens of signatures.

      If you would like to sign the petition or get more information from both parties visit the websites below.

      Upper Peninsula Rowing Club