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      Running through mud

      Runners jump into the last bit of melted snow from Marquette Mountain

      Marquette Mountain held a mud run Saturday. Over 500 runners did not mind getting dirty as they stepped onto the four-mile or two-mile course.

      Mud was not the only part of the race. Runners had to climb and walk across logs, slide down a hill, and even climb up a few tires.

      Many groups dressed up to make the race even more fun.

      "Our team's called McCloud and it's these guys. We're Scottish and we watched 'Brave Heart' last night, so that's the inspiration so watch out. It's fun and we can exercise. It is also healthy and we can dress like fun people," said Jessica Mhane, runner.

      The race ended with a jump into a tub of ice cold water which was the leftover snow from the mountain.

      Just when runners thought they were finished, there was one final climb through the mud.

      A portion of the money raised from the event will go towards purchasing child helmets for Marquette Mountain's snow safety program.