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      Russian cargo jet moves out of hangar

      Remember that huge Russian military cargo jet that's been sitting at Sawyer International Airport for three years? Well, over the weekend, mechanics had the plane out of the hangar and all four engines running.

      However, on Sunday, the plane was back in the hangar.

      The Ilyushin I-L 78 has been stuck at Sawyer International Airport since July 2009. It's been on the tarmac until the end of March this year, when it was moved into a hangar.

      The 230-ton aircraft stopped at Sawyer to refuel during a flight to Pakistan. Once on the ground at Sawyer, the crew was arrested on immigration violations, and the plane was reported stolen.

      The issue of who owns the giant plane went through the courts with Headland Limited being declared the rightful owner.

      I talked with those connected with the Saturday engine test. The person in charge said the owner doesn't want anything said about the status of the plane or the repairs being made until later down the road.

      In April of this year, repair costs were expected to come in under $500,000. There's no indication on how much money has been spent on getting the plane ready to fly.

      There's also no word on a timeline when the plane will be flight ready.