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      Russian-made military plane has an owner

      The original owner of the plane, Air Support Systems, LLC, is getting the plane back after an 18-month tug-of-war with two other companies.

      "What happened was a resolution was reached between the parties whereby the plaintiff, which is Air One Flight Support, is giving up any right it has to the plane, said Stephen P. Dunn, Counsel for the Defendant Air Support Systems, LLC. And the plane has now been awarded to Air Support Systems, LLC."

      Air-1 Flight Support Incorporated, a maintenance and repair firm in Texas, had claimed the plane belonged to them, because air support systems owed them $62,000.

      To further complicate matters, Air-1 Flight Support then tried to sell the plane to a third company, known as Temco Industries. That deal is now off; Temco is out of picture, Air-1 Flight Support has been paid its fees, and the beleaguered plane, which has been incurring further fees at Sawyer, belongs again to Air Support Systems.

      "The parties in this case have been very good about keeping Marquette County paid, said Cheryl Hill, Chief Civil Council of Marquette County. We were paid up to date. The last hearing, which was in July, well actually, that was two hearings ago, as the judge said today. We've had seven hearings on this matter and right now we're owed less than $500 and I TMve been assured it will be covered, and I believe that TMs the case.

      Right now Air Support Systems, LLC has the right to do anything with the plane that they want. So what's their plan?

      It is anticipated that when the appropriate repairs can be made that the plane could be moved as soon as 180 days from today, Dunn said.

      There's concern because the snow is coming, and it's likely to pile up around the plane, unless it's moved to a different location.