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      Sadowski back in court for pretrial

      One of the two men accused of kidnapping two women in Ishpeming and torturing them last July was in court Monday morning.

      Charles Cope, 65, and Jason Sadowski, 43, allegedly held two Ishpeming women hostage in the basement of The Martial Way in Ishpeming on the morning of July 2, 2013.

      Jason Sadowski was in Marquette County Circuit Court for pretrial.

      The pretrial was held to address several issues including whether or not preliminary testimony of one of the women held captive would be permissible during Sadowski's trial. That witness has since passed away.

      The prosecution requested a motion for Sadowski to be physically restrained during trial due to the violent nature of previous crimes he's committed.

      The prosecution presented the court with a video of Jason Sadowski physically assaulting another inmate while he was serving time at the Michigan Department of Corrections for a previous crime.

      The defense countered stating Sadowski's actions in the video were self defense after the inmate threatened his life.

      A hearing is scheduled for Friday, February 14 where the judge will decide on all matters brought forth during pretrial.

      Both Cope and Sadowski will be present during this hearing.

      This case will continue to trial on February 24.

      There is no word on when Charles Cope will be in court for trial.