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      Sadowski's ex-wife testifies

      Jason Sadowski's ex-wife, Sarah Pietro, says she was at the studio around five in the morning on July 3, 2013.

      Pietro says she stopped by to discuss plans for that day with Sadowski. He mentioned he was busy at the time, and that two women he met earlier that evening were in the basement.

      Pietro followed Sadowski downstairs. According to Pietro, Sadowski asked her if she recognized the two women. He then mentioned he had some missing money.

      "The actual observation time is what, a few seconds?" said Matt Wiese, Prosecuting Attorney. "Enough to see that there were other people in the basement drinking, which I don't drink. So, I didn't go in," Pietro said. "How many area few?" Wiese asked. "Long enough to look and see there were two women sitting on the bed that I didn't recognize and left," Pietro explained.

      During questioning by the prosecution, she mentioned she saw the top of the heads of two people.

      The prosecution then questioned the accuracy of exactly what she saw. The prosecution questioned the validity of her testimony after she agreed to having had multiple conversations with Sadowski since the incident and discussing the case.

      "Most of those conversations have been about this case," Wiese said. "Probably," Pietro said. "And, how you should testify in this case," Weise continued. "Again, asking me to be truthful and honest and answer questions and talk about what I know. Yes. I'm saying he never told me what to say," Pietro explained.

      Sadowski's defense attorney Timothy Quinnell also brought Dr. Lyle Vanderschaaf to the stand. He's the ER physician from Bell hospital who examined the women.

      "Would there be something to expect of a voice change or swallowing problem if there was a complaint about strangulation?" said Quinnell. "Those are potential signs following strangulation," said Vanderschaaf. "As we understand your report, there was no indication of that?, Quinnell continued. "No," Vanderschaaf responded.

      He later went on to explain the bruising on the victim's display in pictures could be caused by a traumatic event. However, he has no conclusions as to how they obtained them.

      The defense will continue their case on Monday morning with more witnesses and Sadowski on the stand.