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      Safe driving could get teens money

      Calling all 8th through 12th grade students from Keweenaw and Houghton County. You could win up to $300 for directing your own video.

      The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) of the Keweenaw Community Foundation is sponsoring a safe driving video contest. There are two categories, and you have the option of making a 30 to 60 second video or a three to five minute video.

      "Safe driving is an important factor for our teen population because many teens haven't mastered driving yet, so the Youth Advisory Council is putting on a safe driving competition that will teach our youth the dangers of distracted driving," said YAC Co-President Vladi Kotov.

      The Youth Advisory Council says each video will be judged on its persuasiveness, creativity, and originality.

      The deadline for this video is May 15. If you'd like more information, visit the Youth Advisory Council Facebook page.