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      Safe school routes for Houghton students

      The Houghton Portage Township Schools held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss safe walking routes for students.

      Routes to School is a federal program that encourages students to walk and bike to school. During the meeting, students were asked which routes they prefer to take when walking to and from school in order to put it in planning.

      "There's a lot of health concerns about kids nowadays, and we want to get them back walking and biking to schools," said Houghton City Manager Scott MacInnes. "We think this is a very positive thing to be doing so we want to make sure we provide a safe environment."

      The group also brought up bad sidewalks as an issue for pedestrians which causes them to walk on the streets.

      Adding islands on Sharon Avenue was also discussed to make it an easier place for students to cross.

      Houghton is also working on their 10-year master plan in regards to future developments of the city.