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      Safer tricks with air bags to catch your fall

      Air bags have been deployed at Marquette Mountain but not by a car.

      Four different crews are traveling the country, demonstrating the new air bags at ski resorts. If ski resorts like it, they could lease it a year at a time.

      Crews say it can be used for action sports and helps athletes learn tricks in a safer way.

      "I was scared, honestly, but it was a lot. After you just did the first jump, it was a lot easier and you just go back to the top and be, like, I'm gonna try this new trick, and yea, it was just a lot of fun," said Matt Ford, U.S. Air Bag.

      "I've watched thousands of people throughout this winter hit this thing; every single one of them walked away with a smile," said Joe Pelto, Marquette resident.

      You must be 12 and older to try the air bag.

      It will be at Marquette Mountain for the rest of the weekend.