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      Safety a concern as Marquette faces increased truck traffic

      The City of Marquette is looking for the public's input on increased truck traffic in the city and township of Marquette.

      On Thursday the city will be discussing improvements to existing roads now that County Road 595 will not be going forward.

      A plan is in place to upgrade county roads 510 and 550. Those roads would be improved to all season roads. All city commissioners are expected to be present as the commission views safety as a primary issue.

      "Safety is always a concern when traffic is going through areas where there are pedestrians and when we have bike paths along the road so we would like to make it safe, not only for the pedestrians, but also for motorists," said Marquette Mayor John DePetro.

      The road improvements would be made to accommodate the trucks commuting to and from the Rio Tinto Eagle Mine project in northern Marquette county.

      The meeting is scheduled for 8 a.m. in the city commission chambers.