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      Safety at Eagle Mine

      If you've ever been in a mine, you know that it's dark, dreary, and there isn't a lot of room to move around. For certain people, that can be kind of nerve racking. For miners, on the other hand, it's second nature.

      With Eagle Mine looking to start production late this year, it's great to know that they are already looking out for the safety of workers.

      "So within the mine itself, there's the egress raise with the elevator. There's also the refuge chambers which hold people in case of emergency. It has fresh air, water, emergency supplies, and the other way out would be the portal itself," said Dan Blondeau, Senior Advisor of Communications and Media at Eagle Mine.

      The portal is the main way in and out of the mine. Essentially it's a road that starts above ground and takes you down into the mine.

      The egress raise that was mentioned serves two purposes. The first is to supply fresh air to the mine. The second is to serve as an escape route in case of emergency.

      Construction on the raise is still underway, but once finished, the raise will look more familiar.

      "During operations, what you'll see is more of an elevator that people are used to; four enclosed walls, it will take people from down below to the surface," Blondeau said.

      Once finished, the raise will be able to hold 18 people per trip and will take just under 12 minutes to reach the surface.

      All of that aside, it is stressed every day that everyone visiting or working within Eagle Mine makes it home safe.