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      Safety on the sidewalks

      The City of Marquette will be moving forward with the Safe Routes to School program. At Tuesday's meeting, city commissioners gave their support for the program. Safe Routes to School is a grant program through the Michigan Department of Transportation. It's expected to cost $182,000. The city plans to build a sidewalk on Mesnard Street leading to Bothwell Middle School.

      "Frankly, I love sidewalks so I think in the end it will be a good thing, but I think the bottom line is we need this project. We need an opportunity for kids to be able to walk to school safely," said City Commissioner Don Ryan.

      The commission also moved forward with the project to turn the former Taystee Bread factory into a multi-use structure. The commission agreed to the planned unit development proposal with the Marquette-based Veridia Group. That project is expected to cost $35 million.