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      Safety reminder for people traveling outdoors during deer season

      As we near the end of day two of firearm dear season, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is reminding everyone in the woods to wear blaze orange clothing.

      The DNR wants to ensure even those who are not looking to bag a buck, wear hunter orange to increase your visibility in the woods.

      The DNR does not close trails or pathways during the hunting season, and hunters are allowed in those areas.

      They also remind pet owners to make sure their animals are wearing orange as well for protection.

      "You want to make sure the piece of clothing is hunter orange all the way around," said Debbie Munson-Badini of the DNR. "So you want to be able to see that from all sides. Some of the stories sell light weight blaze orange vests that you can throw over whatever you're already wearing."

      Hunters looking to bag a buck are required by law to wear at least one garment of hunter orange that can be see all around.