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      Sailing Lake Superior

      The Ensign National Championship Regatta continued Tuesday in Marquette.

      The U.S., Japan, Great Britain, and Canada are all competing in the races. And among them is a group of high school and college girls who are sailing with the best of them.

      They may not be the oldest racers out on Lake Superior this week, but 15-year-old Maggie Guter and her crew look like they've been racing with the pros for years.

      "I really like sailing. It's kind of thrilling. It gets boring when the wind's slow, but when the wind's really fast and the boat's are all going fast, it's really exciting," said Maggie.

      She's taken sailing school lessons since she was eight years old and started competing just two years ago. Now, she's navigated her way to the Skipper of her sailing team. We watched her and the team from another boat, and once it came time to set sail, the girls showed up to win.

      Maggie and her team have been competing for two years, and they're going up against sailors who have been racing for 30 years or more. In their best race today, they passed 12 boats. And there aren't any hard feelings with the more seasoned sailors.

      "They're doing fantastic, and we're building our fleet. They're actually quite competitive, and they actually passed us a couple times today, so we saw them on the course quite a bit. It's awesome," said sailor Richard Anderson.

      As for being one of the youngest out there on the lake, Maggie's not intimidated one bit.

      "I think it's really exciting. It's kind of funny to think that everybody is older, or almost everyone. It's just a lot of fun," Maggie said.

      The team will continue to compete the rest of the week.