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      Sale of Escanaba Power Plant close

      Back in October, Escanaba Green Energy asked the city council for a 30-day extension to close the sale of the city power plant. The electric superintendent says the sale could happen the week between Christmas and New Year's. Officials say they're hoping it's sold by December 20. The purchase price on the plant is $1.6 million. Escanaba Green Energy still has to pay a balance of $1.4 million.

      "It's going to be a big cost savings to the city. That was always our reason for trying to sell it--for the city to get away from those fixed costs of owning and operating a plant. That's the biggest thing for us. For them, once they own it, they can really move forward," said Escanaba Electrical Superintendent, Mike Furmanski.

      Escanaba Green Energy plans to convert the plant to biomass.