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      Sale of Marquette General Hospital undergoes Attorney General's review

      In the final stages of the proposed sale of Marquette General Hospital, officials from Duke Lifepoint and MGH await one last approval. Under law, the Attorney General's office needs to ensure charitable assets are protected when a non-profit becomes a for-profit agency.

      "We'll also look at due diligence throughout the bidding process--were there fair bids solicited from multiple companies, has this been a transparent process," said Joy Yearout, a spokeswoman for the Attorney General's office.

      And for the public that came out, it mostly has been a transparent process. Residents and medical professionals say it's the best scenario for the U.P.

      But not everybody came with the same tone. Escanaba resident Rick Kobasic supports the sale, but says he hasn't been happy with the patient care.

      "I would like to get the feeling that their primary focus is making people better and looking at patients and seeing what they can do to help them instead of looking at the patients as a resource to be mined," said Kobasic.

      Gary Muller, CEO of Marquette General Health System, says the sale will ensure quality care.

      "We want more physicians, we want to work with physicians in the U.P. and actually increase services," said Muller.

      Duke Lifepoint says it has big plans to expand services in a ten-year capital investment totaling $500 million.

      "With all the new buildings we're going to have, the nurses, the physicians, the staff are really the key part, and that's what Duke Lifepoint is good at doing. They're going to help us grow," Muller said.

      The Attorney General's office has given a timeline of about two months before reaching a decision. You can also voice your opinion of the sale in writing to the Attorney General's office. To do so, send a copy to: Attorney General's Office, ATTN: Marquette Hospital Review Charitable Trust Section, P.O. Box 30214, Lansing, MI 48909 or e-mail: The deadline is Aug. 10.