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      Salvaging begins at NMU Jamrich hall

      Out with the old, and in with the new at Northern Michigan University. NMU workers are salvaging items from Jamrich hall all this week.

      Northern's staff members are gathering newer desks, audio-visual equipment and other items to be used elsewhere on campus. Asbestos abatement is scheduled to start on old Jamrich hall next week, with demolition to follow in June. Furniture from old Jamrich will not be used in the new building. The new jamrich hall will receive all new equipment.

      "Jamrich hall has been our classroom workhorse, it's been our main classroom facility since it was built, the new building that's going up is a direct replacement for it. What we're salvaging is stuff up on the second floor, the furniture that is moveable classroom type furniture, that's what's being salvaged," said NMU Assistant Director of Enginerring, Jim Thams. Construction of the new Jamrich hall is on track. The school hopes to have it open in time for the fall semester. As of early April, construction was about 80 percent complete.