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      Salvation Army in need

      From Monday to Friday the homeless, seniors, people who can't afford to eat, and people you may never have thought of line up for what may be their only meal of the day.

      "It's almost heartbreaking when you see the people that come in for our meals every day and have no place else to go," said Ray Adamini.

      Captain Joel Arthur says this year the Salvation Army of Marquette ended up with a $90,000 shortfall.

      "One of the ways you can really help us is by continuing to, not just at this particular time of the year, donate items, but throughout the whole year donating canned goods. To always constantly think about what can I do for the Army to keep their feeding program going," said Arthur.

      The Salvation Army feeds at least 2,000 people per month through their lunch program.

      Twenty-four-thousand people received a hot meal from their kitchen last year. It takes at least $1,500 a month to provide these meals, and that's cutting it short. Since funds are low, meals are cooked with canned foods from their pantry. However, the shelves are empty.

      Arthur says donations have been low for a while now. They are hoping the community pitches in for the holiday season.

      "I'd like to just ask the people of our community if they can open their hearts just a little bit more to help us solve that problem," Adamini said.

      You can help by donating during this year's annual TV6 Canathon.

      For more information on how to help or volunteering, click here.