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      Same rules of the road for bicycles

      Over 15,000 people in Michigan commute with bicycles, and Marquette resident Mary Connor is one of them.

      "Itâ??s a great way to go to work," insists Mary. "You forget about what you got to do when you get there and then when you leave, you could just decompress on the way home. And itâ??s a great way to exercise."

      Craig Marker of the Marquette Police Department says the different mode of transportation still has to follow the same set of rules as everyone else.

      "Theyâ??re similar to people in motor vehicles. They have to stop for red lights, they have to stop for a stop sign," states Craig.

      Itâ??s against the law for cyclists to ride on sidewalks, and when traveling must pedal along with traffic, not against it. Marker explains bikers that go through a red light or a stop sign could be ticketed like motorists. Also, any accidents that result from a cyclist disobeying the law would leave that biker liable.

      But civil infractions aren't the reason why Mary obeys the rules of the road.

      "You could get hit if you don't," she says. "And you don't want to get hit by a car."