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      Same-sex couple talks about marriage equality

      Stefani Harlan and Alex Clark identify themselves as a queer couple.

      "The LGBTQIA community kind of re-appropriated that word because when you say LGBT, you mean lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender. That doesn't cover everyone, so queer is an umbrella term to include everyone," said Stefani Harlan.

      Harlan and Clark have been together for a year and a half. Both said they have discussed marriage, but in Michigan, it would not be legal.

      "GLBT people aren't protected under any of their discrimination laws so you can get kicked out of your house for being gay, you can get fired for being gay. It's really made us think about moving out of the state because if we can't get protected here, then why should we live here," said Alex Clark.

      Only 12 states and the nation's Capitol have legalized gay marriage with Minnesota being the latest state where same-sex couples can legally wed. In March, the U.S. Supreme Court reviewed two groundbreaking cases.

      The first, Prop 8, making it illegal for same-sex couples to be married in California. The second case is the Defense of Marriage Act which keeps legally married same-sex couples from receiving federal, Social Security and tax benefits.

      The U.S. Supreme Court Justices will make their decisions on both cases by the end of June. In the meantime, Harlan and Clark will have to wait.

      "We're hoping for a positive outcome; either that they legalize gay marriage on the federal level, making all states have gay marriage, or that they grant federal benefits to couples that have been married in the states where gay marriage is legal," Harlan said.