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      Sample installed as Archbishop in Oregon

      The former Bishop of the Diocese of Marquette has been installed as the new Archbishop of Portland, Oregon. Pope Benedict XVI named Alexander Sample to the position. The Archdiocese of Portland has over six times as many Catholics as the Diocese of Marquette. The 52-year-old spent 35 years living in the U.P. and seven years as Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Marquette.

      "I worked along side him for awhile, then I worked under him for awhile, and he's just such a joyful, faith-filled, intelligent, personable man and priest and bishop. He will sorely be missed here," said Loreene Zeno-Koskey of the Diocese of Marquette.

      Pope Francis must choose the next Bishop to take Sample's place. The process could take nine months to a year. A body of priests in the Diocese, called the College of Consulters, are required to choose a temporary administrator to guide the Diocese until one is selected.