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      Santa's Headquarters ready to go

      Santa's helpers were busy Tuesday, making sure gifts are ready for the 7th Annual Santa's Headquarters in Ironwood on Wednesday.

      The Kiwanis Club organizes Santa's Headquarters, which gives parents in need an opportunity to provide Christmas presents for their kids.

      Volunteers are making sure gifts are in place for the Annual Santa's Headquarters. More than $20,000 worth of gift items were collected for the project through community donations in Gogebic county.

      "Support continues to grow each year. The number of gifts grow, the number of volunteers, and unfortunately, the number of families that need help also tends to grow. It's great that we can provide more to more people," said Kelly Marczak, volunteer.

      This year the project will make sure around 400 kids in Gogebic county receives presents for Christmas.

      Officials say although the number of families needing help changes yearly, it's still high.

      "We're helping and it's hard. A family of four or five, they have to make decisions between $500 for fuel and Christmas presents," said Jim Mildren, Kiwanis Club.

      The gifts were separated in tables by age and gender. Parents can just stop by, do their own Christmas shopping with the help of a volunteer, choose the gifts they would like to give their kids.

      Among the many things families will receive: parents will be able to get one blanket for the family, a game, a big toy for each kid, a set of gloves, hats or scarves. This year the Kiwanis Club bought extras for stocking stuffers and dentists from the area donated toothbrushes and toothpastes. Each family will receive a $40 grocery store gift card.

      This is a way to put the sparkle back in Christmas for kids.

      "They will tell you that they're happy that they found something that their child was really asking for; that this is going to help them believe in Santa," Marczak said.