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      Sauna constructed in time for HeikinpÃivÃ

      Another new sauna is being constructed on Quincy Green in Hancock just in time for HeikinpÃivÃ.

      The sauna is being built with wood from an original sauna that was over 100 years old. The project was taken on by three 19 year olds after being contacted by local artist, Mary Wright.

      It was originally supposed to be featured in the parade Saturday, but construction was delayed due to subzero temperatures. The sauna will now be a stationary piece on the Quincy Green during the festivities.

      The young men building the sauna worked all week in the snow and say they wanted to make sure it was completed in time for HeikinpÃivÃ.

      "Well, it's really cool. HeikinpÃivà is a pretty unique celebration, and it's always fun to build a sauna, and taking saunas is fun,â?? said Kalle Markkanen.

      "Being Finn, it's nice to help out with HeikinpÃivà as much as we can," said Esaias Dorvinen.

      The sauna is planned for community use and will be located in front of the Finnish American Heritage Center during HeikinpÃivÃ.