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      Sauna constructed to celebrate Finnish heritage

      The building of FinnFest sauna art is already starting in Hancock.

      By June of next year, the Quincy Green, located right next to the Finnish American Heritage Center, will be filled with traditional and non-traditional saunas. Many of the saunas will be made out of recycled materials, but for now they're starting with a nine-by-nine old traditional smoke Finnish sauna.

      The sauna is over 100 years old, and even though it doesn't look like much now, once the logs and bricks come together, FinnFest organizers say the old sauna will give visitors a glimpse into the past.

      "FinnFest is going to come to the Copper Country really soon, and FinnFest is just another way that we celebrate Finnish-American tradition and heritage, and nothing says that more than sauna," said heritage center director Jim Kurtti.

      The builders say the sauna will be finished by the end of October. During FinnFest, visitors will be able to walk inside the sauna.