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      Save energy, save money

      Energy efficiency kits save homeowners money by conserving energy. Kerry Noble at Home Evaluation Services in Marquette says installing certain items is good for your home and for your wallet. Low flow shower heads reduce water usage, and replacing old light bulbs with fluorescent ones does more than just save money.

      "When we're in the warm summer heat, incandescent lamps produce more waste heat, so a CFL, or a compact fluorescent, actually keeps the house cooler," said Noble.

      Installing the energy efficiency kits for your home is free. According to Noble, residents already pay for it with the small energy optimization charge on your monthly gas or electric bill per Public Act 295 of 2008. Installation availability varies with energy providers in different cities.

      "You've already paid for these direct install items. Just call us and we'll come put it in," Noble said.

      Making other energy-efficient improvements to your home may also qualify homeowners to receive hundreds or thousands of dollars as part of a new rebate program with SEMCO, UPPCO, and BLP-electric.

      To learn more about how you can install an energy efficiency kit in your home or about the new rebate program, call Kerry Noble at (906) 249-3333.