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      Save money by growing your own food

      Do you ever get tired of spending all of that money at the grocery store? Well, you could save some cash by growing your own food in a "hoop house." A hoop house is what some gardeners use to keep their plants warm, and it can help prolong the growing season. â??Itâ??s very simple. It takes maybe five minutes to set one up if you have the materials, and anyone can grow in their own backyard even with one simple plant,â?? said horticulturist Wendy Wiegert. So what type of materials do you need to create your own hoop house? â??What we use is a small size of PVC, just a few metal anchors, and some plastic to cover the hoop with. One 4 by 20 foot hoop would cost you roughly around $15, and you just need the plastic and that $15 includes the plastic,â?? Wiegert said. All of the plants grown in Wiegertâ??s garden are organic heirlooms. Organic heirloom plants can help save money because the seeds can be reused year after year, and the plants produce a lot more food which can be saved for the winter months. The average price of a store bought tomato is around $1.40 per pound. A plant can produce up to ten pounds of tomatoes. If you bought ten pounds of tomatoes, that would equal $14, but the average price of a small tomato plant can cost around $2.50. That can save you up to $10. If youâ??re interested in growing your own food, experts say start out with the cold crops. â??Start with onions, lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower,â?? Wiegert said. When you grow your own food, not only are you saving money, but experts say itâ??s also healthier.