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      Save money while learning about winter outdoor activities

      What's the point of all the Upper Peninsula snow if you can't go out and enjoy it?

      The staff of Down Wind Sports in Marquette says that is the point. Starting on Tuesday, the store will offer four Tuesday classes on winter outdoor safety and sports, which can get you a store discount for attending.

      The staff says you don't need to sign up, just show up and grab a seat.

      The four-week course will cover topics on winter gear, waterproofing, and discovering local hidden beauties. Each class will earn you a five percent discount at the store, totaling 20 percent off if you make it to all four lessons.

      To wrap up the lessons, the class will go on a full moon snowshoeing hike.

      "We live in a great place--lots of fun places to go, lots of fun things to do, but a lot of people tend to want to stay inside and hide out in the cold weather, and being dressed right and being comfortable is going to not only make you want to go outside, it's going to keep you safe," said Nic Dobbs, Down Wind Sports instructor.