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      Saving money when buying college textbooks

      According to , students will roughly spend $1,190 annually on college textbooks.

      â??This semester, probably going to be about $500,â?? said Northern Michigan University sophomore, Anthony Carlson. â??I do get a little stressed out about it.â??

      â??Come early August, we start getting books in here at the bookstore and I start thinking, oh, Iâ??m going to have to start laying out all that money,â??â?? Carlson said.

      Two main choices are buying or renting. Online surveys show a larger portion of students would rather buy books, but brand new can ring up hundreds of dollars.Grabbing used copies could be an alternative. Students First Bookstore in Marquette claims to beat competitors' pricing.

      â??We are always adjusting our prices on what people are selling them for,â?? stated Timothy Weingarten, owner of Students First. â??Generally you will find that you save up to 40 percent on a textbook.â??

      But if your professor requires the newest edition, buying used becomes obsolete.

      â??There's a book here next to me thatâ??s $137, and you can rent it for $62.75,â?? said Paul Wright, Assistant Manager of Northern Michigan University's bookstore . "Right there you're saving more than 50 percent.â??

      Renting is an option that enables students to get new books for less. NMU has over 1600 titles and 1,000 are available for rent.

      Do your homework: shop around, both in stores and online, to guarantee yourself the best savings this semester.