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      Saving tips for Turkey Day

      With Thanksgiving closer than ever, now is the time to think about saving when it comes to planning your meal.Knowing what to buy and how to buy it may be tough this Thanksgiving, but experts say look for grocery store specials where you can get a discount on the turkey or save some extra cash by buying a different type of meat."Hams are a good substitute. I would say even some of the smaller sized turkeys, like half of a turkey or half of a chicken breast or half of a turkey breast, would be a good alternative also," said Assistant Manager of Econo Foods, Scott Rubich.One thing experts say to be cautious about is not to over buy and try not to cook as much food. Oftentimes the items you think you need are actually something you already have stored in your pantry at home. Take a moment to review your inventory before making a trip to the grocery store.As you already know, the turkey is the most expensive part of Thanksgiving, but if you are looking to cut costs, ask your guests to bring their own drinks or a small dessert that can be shared amongst everyone.Kathleen Jarvenpaa says she is saving by helping others."I have cousins and that sort of thing up here that always have a huge gathering, but I started volunteering with Little Brothers about a year ago, and it's very rewarding and I just love it. You get a lot of history when you sit around and talk to the people, said Jarvenpaa.And remember to save those leftovers. Having a turkey sandwich for lunch and dinner for a week may not sound that appetizing, but get creative and find fun recipes to spice up your leftovers.Experts say it is also important to remember that Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and friends.