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      Savings for veterans

      It's a "no-brainer" for T.J. Lasilla. Discounting auto repair services for veterans isn't just a nice thing to do, it's the right thing to do.

      "We figure it's a way for us to give back to the veterans that have given their time for us and those that have given their time for us in the past," said Lasilla.

      Lasilla's shop, U.P. Auto Tech in Munising, offers vets a 15 percent discount on labor, year-round. The military has a special place in Lasilla's heart. Three of his four staff members have served our country, and red, white and blue runs deep in his blood.

      "It's a family thing for sure. My wife and I were both married in the Air Force, and we both come from a pretty strong military background--both our grandparents served in the military," Lasilla said. "John, who's my lead mechanic, was also in the Air Force with us."

      But Lasilla is not alone in his efforts. Just down the road, Sydney's restaurant and Muldoon's Pasties will offer 10 percent discounts on Veterans Day. Applebees will serve all veterans for free. Nationwide, Lowes hardware stores offer 10 percent discounts year-round.

      Finding military price cuts in your area is just a click away. Just search your zip code at

      For many veterans, a lot of these discounts aren't just a little bit of help, they're actually a matter of survival, especially some of the older veterans who are living on fixed incomes and social security, which hasn't been increased in about three years.

      "I'm 70 years old and I got to still work because you don't get no cost of living for the last three years, so you got to take advantage of all these discounts many places around," said Tom Passinault, a Vietnam veteran.