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      Sawyer Elementary students learn how to protect their skin

      Sawyer Elementary School students learned how to enjoy summer fun without suffering under the sun Monday.

      It's well known that sunblock is a substance that most people just hate to put on, whether they're young or old. But that doesn't change the fact that its one of our only defenses against sunburn and worse.

      That's why Sawyer grade school students ranging from kindergarteners to fifth graders were sat down for a half-hour so a registered nurse could make clear how necessary it was to take this measure and others to protect our one and only skin.

      To do this, she used a catchy slogan called Slip, Slop, Slap.

      "Slip meaning that you would slip on some sort of long-sleeved or long pants to protect the exposed areas of your arms and legs. Slop is to slop on sunscreen at least with SPF of 30 or greater and Slap is to apply a hat or something that would be protective to your face." said presenter Mary Beth Carstens.

      This presentation is a creation of a local awareness group called Just Believe!.

      The group is the brainchild of group coordinator Delight Hill's daughter, who tragically lost her life to melanoma skin cancer last February.

      "It was one of her wishes that people become aware of melanoma skin cancer, things like that, and how to prevent it as much as possible." said Hill.

      To that end, Hill says that reception to this event by its intended audience has been as good as it can be.

      "They're just excited about it and they have sunscreen they can apply and worksheets to do that they can take home and discuss with their parents." said Hill.

      Hill also said her daughter would be "delighted" with the progress that her organization has made since her passing.

      Between an identical presentation for Negaunee schools last week and this one, over 900 students have been reached so far this year by the program.