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      Sawyer International Airport struggles with snow and ice

      The snow, ice and fog have not been friendly to those flying, especially in the Upper Peninsula.

      Flights have been canceled in and out of Sawyer.

      Low clouds and fog Sunday night prevented a Delta flight from landing and that was not the only one, as several more flights were canceled. Planes scheduled in Monday afternoon were diverted as well, despite the airport crew's best efforts to clear the runways.

      "Well, we have a pretty full crew out there right now; it's just that it's incredibly heavy snow, and under that is a layer of thin ice that we're trying to peel up as we speak, so hopefully we'll be able to accommodate the passengers, but unfortunately weather conditions are a factor of life," said Airport Manager Keith Kaspari.

      Kaspari went on to say, in this type of weather, the best thing passengers can do is check with their airlines to see if their flight has been delayed or canceled.