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      Sawyer ready for pavement repairs

      Repairs will soon be underway to taxiways at Sawyer International Airport. Tuesday, the Marquette County Board approved construction administration for taxiways E and F.

      The budget for the project is about $600,000. Funding for that is split so that 90 percent comes from federal dollars, five percent from state and five from local funds. The taxiways are used by commercial aircraft. They plan to complete the work in phases to minimize the impact on flights leaving Sawyer.

      "As many of us know, K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base has been around for many, many years and the pavement has been, I won't say neglected, but used," said Sawyer's Airport Manager Duane DuRay. "It's just seen its age. It's time for reconditioning."

      Construction on the taxiways is scheduled to take just 36 days. They will be working on about a quarter-mile stretch of pavement.