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      Scary movie to be made in Marquette?

      Upper Michigan might become the leading landscape in another film if a local screenwriter can raise $4,000 to produce it.

      Maxwell Peterson is the writer, director, executive producer and lead character in the horror film called Marlon. Marlon is a rock star reaching the pinnacle of his career's fame and fortune while on the edge of a breakdown. While recording his final album in a cabin out in the woods he starts to loose his grip on reality and the two people in the cabin with him wind up bearing the brunt of his violent outburst.

      "I think the Upper Peninsula's a great place to shoot a horror film," said Peterson. "If I can showcase some of what we see everyday, brutal winters, the isolated locations, than I think we could have an Upper Michigan horror film that is rather successful."

      Peterson graduated from Northern Michigan University in June with a degree in English Writing and Theater. His film, Marlon, took him a month to write.It needs $5,000 in total to be produced. Currently over $1,000 has been donated. If the funds are raised, Marlon will be filmed February 1-25 of 2014 with a summer scene then being filmed in May of 2014. Once the film is complete, which Peterson projects will happen by the end of May 2014, it will be submitted it to different film festivals including the Toronto and Sundance film festivals.

      Also, 50 percent of all funds earned from the film will be donated to two organizations, RAINN, the Rape Abuse Incest National Network, and the Wayne Foundation, which educates and helps victims of child sex trafficking in the United States.If you would like to donate click here.