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      School and business prepare for 31 Days of Pink

      Marquette Senior High School is teaming up with the Superior Health Foundation for 31 Days of Pink.

      The Spirit Store is selling pink t-shirts and wristbands to raise money for the foundation, which plans to use the money raised during the month to help breast cancer patients in the Upper Peninsula.

      The MSHS athletic teams will be selling the merchandise at their games. The month-long event culminates with a "pink party" as the Redmen take on Menominee for the October 25 football game in Marquette.

      "This is a chance for the athletic department and the kids to help out a community event and a community group, the Superior Health Foundation, and people in need. So, if you come to games, if you buy some of this merchandise, if you come and support Marquette Senior High School athletics, you're also supporting the Superior Health Foundation at the same time," said MSHS Athletic Director Jamie Tuma.

      The Superior Health Foundation is hoping to get at least 31 sponsors for the event. For more information on the 31 Days of Pink, visit the Superior Health Foundation's website.