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      School board holds off decision

      It's been a hot topic in the Marquette Area Public School District for two years: whether or not to close Graveraet Intermediate School and how to realign the fifth grade for the next school year.

      Monday night, the Marquette School Board held a workshop at their regular meeting. No decisions were made, but there were several hours of public comments from concerned residents.

      The board responded to concerns about both propositions: either renovating Graveraet to realign it as a K-5 school, or to accommodate the fifth graders at Bothwell Middle School, changing it from a sixth through eighth school to a fifth through eighth.

      Many parents of current fourth grade students in the district voiced their concerns about where their kids would end up next year.

      Several school board members said they were looking for a long-term plan for the district, not a quick fix.

      If the board voted to renovate Graveraet and bring it up to code as a K-5 school, it would cost about $6.3 million and would take almost two years.

      If the board chose to move the fifth grade to Bothwell Middle School, chances are that Graveraet would be closed.

      As of right now, it is still unclear when the school board will revisit the issue and decide where the fifth graders will attend school next year.