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      School board looks for millage renewal

      The Marquette Area Public School Board will be going to the public soon with a renewal of a millage worth $8.5 million. The millage took effect in 1994 and has been used for the school's operational costs. It's set to run out in 2014.

      They're also preparing an increase of 0.5 mills to adjust for lost revenue due a constitutional amendment. The law requires local government to roll back millage rates when taxable values increase faster than inflation.

      "It's not like the schools are asking for more, it's the renewal of having this approved at the state level so districts don't have to go and ask because that's what people remember even way back when," said Marquette Area Public Schools Superintendent Debbie Veiht. "Every two or three years we were always going; I remember that as a teacher we were doing that."

      The board is currently working on wording the proposal. The proposed millage renewal would be part of a special election in May.