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      School demolition and upgrading begins

      Demolition projects have started at the Norway-Vulcan Area Schools as a result of their successful bond sale.

      The gymnasium at the high school is receiving a complete overhaul as workers started removing the bleachers. Construction on a new floor will start next week, and Superintendent Lou Steigerwald says that the gym isn't the only project they'll be working on.

      "What you won't be able to see, a lot of the stuff in the ceiling that supports the internet, that will all be new and up-to-date, so we'll have excellent service throughout the building," said Steigerwald. "Also, we're doing big security updates. We're doing new doors, new security; you're going to have to have an ID to get into the building next year."

      Other projects include weight room reconstruction and iPads for students. These projects, and more, come as a result of the successful bond sale that the school district recently had.