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      School spirit heads to Kenya

      When the Big Bay de Noc School varsity soccer team received new uniforms ahead of schedule, they hated to see their slightly used ones go to waste. Instead, they chose to send them to teams in need from Kenya and Bolivia.

      â??I thought it would be great to give it back to somebody who could really use them and didnâ??t have any uniforms at all,â?? said the teamâ??s head coach, Gary Sporer.

      Sporer went through the KickBack program to find organizations in need of uniforms. The varsity team also included in each box practice pennies, a ball and pump.

      Goal keeper and forward, Alex Ranguette, was happy to pass their good fortune forward.

      â??I love it,â?? said Ranguette. â??I think itâ??s a great idea. We got new uniforms, and itâ??s great that we can be able to do that. So, why not give other people the chance, too.â??

      â??It makes me feel really good," said varsity defender, Ilana Cooper. â??I think it makes everybody on our team feel really great because, just knowing that you make an impact on people far, far away from here is such a big deal.â??

      For more information on the Kick Back program and how you too can donate, visit their website .