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      School students plant salmon

      Students at Gwinn's Gilbert Elementary School are helping introduce a new generation of fish. Tuesday morning, 40 sixth graders released 126 salmon into Marquette's Dead River to help diversify the fish population. The fish eggs were donated by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The Fred Waara Chapter of Trout Unlimited donated the equipment involved in the release and were also present to help introduce the little fish to the river. Teachers say the field trip is an excellent hands-on component to their eco-system curriculum, which includes covering invasive species.

      "We've been raising salmon since November. So we're going to get a chance now to put them back in their natural habitat and send them on their way," said teacher Magan Lantagne.

      "You have to keep a good eye on them and stuff because they'll die if you don't," added student, Chris Mahler.

      While at the Dead River, the students also looked for crawfish.