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      Schoolcraft County looking at Delta County tower

      The Delta County 911 Authority has received two bids for a 120 foot radio tower on M-35 just south of Perkins. But during a recent Delta County Central Dispatch Authority Board meeting, they decided to hold off on awarding the bids.

      That's because Schoolcraft County has shown interest in obtaining the tower. The tower was decommissioned four or five years ago. Delta County Sheriff, Gary Ballweg says the tower is a liability and he'd like it taken down before spring.

      "We're going to give Schoolcraft County as much time as they need, or any one of the government units as much time as they need to decide whether they want the tower or not. We'd be happy to have another government unit use it. It was taxpayer money that put the tower up in the first place. So it'd be good if it could be used for the same type of purpose,' said Ballweg.

      The tower was used by local fire departments and ambulance services.