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      Scott Person running for council

      Elections are taking place on Tuesday, and in Dickinson County, there are four candidates running for Kingsford City Council. One candidate is Scott Person.

      Person has lived in Kingsford for over 30 years and works at the Tilden Mine in Ishpeming. He said his long, daily commute caused him to think about ways to grow industry closer to home, and said getting involved with the local government was a great place to start.

      Person also made mention of his concern for citizen rights and that those rights be upheld. â??It's my first time running for City Council; the major debates over the winter months with the second amendment rights was one of the main reasons I wanted to get involved,â?? said Person. â??I'm a strong supporter of that. As I was listening to the conversations on the news and what not, I wanted to make sure [with] our county and our city, our rights are protected.â??

      Voting for these candidates, among other issues on the ballot, takes place on Tuesday, November 5.