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      Scouts headed on an expedition

      Wednesday evening, 40 scouts packed everything from sleeping bags to snacks for an excursion like no other. They'll be heading to West Virginia Thursday morning, bright and early, for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

      "A little apprehensive, first big trip out of the house," said father Joe Huskey, a Negaunee resident.

      The 10-day Jamboree is once every four years and is spent sleeping outside.

      "Itâ??s my first time going to the Jambo," admitted 13-year-old Scout, Garrett McMillan. "Iâ??m kind of nervous, but excited, to see how big itâ??s going to be."

      "Whitewater rafting, the high ropes challenge courses, ATVingâ?|oh gosh, thereâ??s so many things," explained Heidi Ettenhofer, the Venture Crew Associate Advisor.

      The trip cost each scout $2000.

      "I've been saving up my money for three years now," said Justin Huskey, 13. "I'm pretty excited to go."

      Scouts know itâ??s pricey but feel the memories made will be priceless.