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      Scouts learn essential outdoor skills

      More than 50 boy scouts are spending the weekend at Camp Ccooks learning basic essentials of scouts.

      The task at hand for troop 411 build a shelter while making sure their knots are done correctly so the tarp doesn't blow away.

      "We had a few challenges. Some of the new guys didn't know the knots, but that's what we are here for, to teach them," said Caleb Swanson, Troop 400.

      Building a shelter is just one of seven different activities the Red Buck Sub District Scouts had to do at their annual Spring Camporee.

      In every activity troops are judged on their team working skills, and ability to perform the task accurately.

      At another site scouts learn how to rescue an injured person with some cloth and sticks.

      Another rescue scenario they have to overcome is correctly tying rope around themselves to be pulled up.

      "Making sure the rope wasn't up and tied between your feet. So, you wouldn't trip or anything. Just watching where the rope was. Just concentrating where you're trying to throw the rope to," said Travis Burch, Troop 411.

      Scouts had to build a fire with a specific line to burn a certain point.

      They also had to cook an egg and biscuit using only a Dutch oven.

      "I've just enjoyed working with group and boy scout stuff. Boy Scouts is fun for me," said Matt Block, Troop 400.